July 16 – Review by Stefan – AN EVENING WITH KNIVES – SENSE OF GRAVITY (Argonauta Records / Hard Life Promotion)

“Sense Of Gravity” is the successor of the in 2018 released album “Serrated” for which I made a review at the time. This Dutch trio knew how to charm me moderately, their music is not immediately my cup of tea, these gentlemen bring Doom, Stoner, Post-Metal, Sludge with a psychedelic undertone. I suspect the effort has scored well with the fans of the genre, the band has played at many major festivals in Europe such as Alcatraz Metal Festival (Belgium).

After the successful tour they were ready for the next step, creating a new album which has been released on CD via Argonauta Records, and on vinyl via Lighttown Fidelity. Loaded with seven brand new songs and a thunderous production (recorded by Pieter Kloos’ At The Void Studio), a worthy successor if you ask me.

Fans of Doom Metal genre are immediately spoiled with the first song ‘Sacrifice’. It’s going to be heavy, noisy, languid and yet energy-rich… the singer (and guitarist) Marco Gelissen has a very unique timbre. His loud, almost dramatic and with moments epic approach comes across well and gives the whole musical package an extra boost. READ MORE…