August 05 – Review by Officer Nice – ROAD WARRIOR – MACH II (Gates Of Hell Records / Sonic Rendez-vous / Sure Shot Worx)

 Covid-19 is back and makes my hope disappear to get my life back very soon. No football games, no gigs, no trips… You don’t hear me say it depresses me but I’m not becoming happy about it either. At least it gives me extra time to listen to music.

In my hands I have an album from an Australian band. It is the band’s second effort and their debut received pretty good reviews. These youngsters know their stuff and their classic ones I presume. This band is simply to describe as a traditional heavy Metal band. This formation is true to the old traditions and all ingredients of the Eighties Metal movement are present.

I have been digging lots of old stuff lately, especially on vinyl and what I hear here could perfectly been written 40 years ago as well. Okay, the production is more modern but the song writing and especially the entire atmosphere fits this band perfectly. Yet this band is able to play the Metal technically and very varied, with lots of hooks and it works for me. READ MORE…