July 14 – DEVIL’S BARGAIN – A Talk With ARTHUR MELCHIOR PAGLIARINI (Vocals) & DIRK POPPE (Bass) – Questionnaire by Stefan

I’d like to welcome Devil’s Bargain here at MTI but most of all congratulations on your new album “Visions”. We’ll talk about that later, let’s start by going back in time to where it all started for all of you. In your relatively young existence, a lot has happened anyway, I’m curious about your story !

Stefan: How, when, where and by whom was Devil’s Bargain founded?

Devil’s Bargain was formed in 2013 by guitar player Jurgen Van Poppel, drummer Nico Laureys and bass player Dirk Poppe. Dirk and Jurgen had known each other since high school and also play together in a Dutch rock party band. They had both written some heavy metal songs and when that came up the idea of a new band was quickly formed. Nico was supposed to only help them in the beginning until they found a permanent drummer, but he liked it so much that he ended up staying in the group.

The search for a good singer took some time. After a few changes Davy Bruggeman came on our path. Things clicked immediately.

Stefan: Usually every band has some kind of ambition when it comes to founding a band, what about yours?

The main goal from the start was shaping our own musical ideas and making good classic metal. We have all rolled into different musical projects over the years, but our love for heavy metal has always remained strong. It is especially fun to get started with it yourself.

It is nice that this is being recognized in the own region, but also increasingly beyond. We receive positive reactions from all over Europe, North and South America, and even Japan, to “Visions”. Of course, we like that but we keep our feet on the ground. We still make a lot of effort to have good live performances. READ MORE…