June 06 – DEIFIED (Greece) Interview – A Talk With NICK ‘Shriner’ MAX (Lead Guitar)

I’d like to introduce to you a Greek band that surprised me with their debut EP “Chaos, Blood & War”. Been released back in 2015, yet I thought it was worthwhile to offer this band some extra support. You’ll find my review at: https://cdreviewsd.metaltoinfinity.be/deified-chaos-blood-war-independent/  I’d like to go deeper into their existence and start a conversation with the lead guitarist.

Stefan: Welcome here at Metal To Infinity – I appreciate you wanting to talk to me about your band Deified, tell me under what circumstances you started. Who’s the actual founder of the band?

Nick: Hi Stephen and thank you very much for this opportunity. Back in 2012 I was looking to play in a band or to form a band. After a short period and with help from a friend I met with Aris Bartzokas (drums) and Makis Petritsis (bass) alongside with Michael Apostolakis (vocals) and we formed the band.

So right now the only two founding members still in the band are Aris and me. The plan which started to unfold after the first rehearsals was to approach a more epic power heavy metal course and since then the two of us continue with our vision, hopes and dreams.

Stefan: Was it difficult to recruit the right musicians – what did the first line-up look like?

Nick: It always takes time to either to blend in a new situation or keep up the spirit and the flame of the beginning. Changes were made since the first rehearsal, we had many auditions for lead guitarist. After the “Chaos Blood and War” EP the line changed radically. In September 2015 the only piece that was missing was a bass player. The puzzle was completed in March 2018 with Vassilis Pyrris. READ MORE…