June 08 – Review by Stefan – LORD VIGO – DANSE DE NOIR (High Roller Records / Soulfood)

In order to find the name of the band, these Germans were inspired by the antagonist from the “Ghostbusters II” movie, Vigo Von Homburg Deutschendorf. Formed back in 2004, one year afterwards a first demo “Under Carpathian Sun” saw daylight. “Blackborne Souls”, their debut has been released through No Remorse Records in 2017 and was filled with eight songs that were written in the good ol’ tradition of Heavy/Doom Metal.

Lyrically inspired by history, fantasy, sword and sorcery…. Also their second 8-song loaded effort entitled “Six Must Die” (No Remorse Records-2018) followed this way, Epic Doom Heavy Metal tradition. On the 10th. of April 2020, Lord Vido launched album number three “Danse De Noir”, a fantastic album that will cause some commotion, I think.

Lyrically, the band seems currently in a completely different world, far away from what we were used to from them in previous years, meet the nowadays Lord Vigo and their brand new album “Danse De Noir”, a concept piece/a retro science fiction with a tinge of film noir. Filled with well-written songs, a whole lotta unexpected moments in terms of several narrative segments and interludes in between. That being said I’d like to refer to the first song ‘Offworld A.D.’ and its playing time of a little bit more than 20 minutes. A true and unexpected centerpiece that has been divided into six departments you have to hear it to believe how well everything fits together; and how everything runs smoothly. This story about female protagonist Nihlai, a replicant within the Blade Runner universe knew how to surprise, impress and convince me that you can not only make good metal music in the most traditional way. The old, the new and the future are magisterially exposed to my senses here. READ MORE…