June 09 – Interview SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Belgium) – A Talk With Drummer JOHN BERRY

Stefan: Greetings John, welcome here at MTI! We’re living in bizarre times we don’t know the end of yet, what are you up to these days ?

JB: Nothing much, been down and out because of a car accident and I am slowly picking up rehearsals again. Meanwhile I’ve been busy around the house and getting drunk with several people over the internet. Never thought that would be somehow satisfying!

Stefan: Since when have you become fascinated by Hard Rock and Metal music in general? Which bands did you look up to back then?

JB: It must have been late 80s early 90s from all the videos I saw on TV but it all became very reachable once I got introduced to Queen properly through a friend and from there it never stopped. At some point I was digging around in a box of old records that had all the bay area classics and I was beyond marveled and I knew this was going to be the shit. Early bands I came (no: bands early me came) in touch with were Queen, Scorpions, Iron Maiden, Testament, Metallica, Over Kill etc, you fill in the blanks.

Stefan: My motto has always been, once you get into this world, you never want to get out. I guess you agree with that statement, correct?

JB: Unless you’re such an insecure liar that you would even fool yourself into believing something you already don’t. Bit of a weird construction there but I guess it works out. As for me, NO. I do NOT want out. Helloween can go climb the highest tree with their song haha. Music gives me all I need to survive, starting with the energy, ending with an outlet to whatever frustrations society has boiled up in me at the time… and there’s always something, you can imagine. READ MORE…