June 20 – ULCERATE Release Drum Tracking Video For “Stare Into Death And Be Still” – Album Available As Gold Gatefold Vinyl

ULCERATE – New Zealands masters of unorthodox Death Metal have unleashed their latest offering “Stare Into Death And Be Still” in April through Debemur Morti Productions.

Thematically exploring the concept of “death reverence” – the album draws on recent personal experience to confront the truism that death and tragedy aren’t always sudden or violent, that people are often passive observers trapped “in the silent horror of observing death calmly and cleanly”.

“Stare Into Death And Be Still” is now available as a Gatefold 2×12” vinyl in gold, get your hands on a copy here:
*European shop at http://bit.ly/ulcerateEU
*North American shop at http://bit.ly/ulcerateUS
*Bandcamp at http://bit.ly/stareintodeath

1. The Lifeless Advance
2. Exhale the Ash
3. Stare Into Death and Be Still: https://youtu.be/3Ke2f1tvxCQ
4. There is No Horizon
5. Inversion
6. Visceral Ends
7. Drawn Into the Next Void
8. Dissolved Orders: https://youtu.be/FKQJzWhzaGI


„It is possibly their best work so far.“ – excusetheblood blog

“With this new album, Ulcerate plunges us once again into dark abysses that only they can portray.” – Unitedrocknations.com

“If we live in a just world, it will be remembered as one of the most significant extreme metal works of our day.” – subterraneowebzine.com

ULCERATE – Stare Into Death And Be Still
Debemur Morti
released: 24.04.2020